ESCOT provides consulting services to not-for-profit organizations, governmental units and educational institutions in the greater Capital District. As one of thirty independent members of the Executive Service Corps, ESCOT volunteers have provided high quality consulting services to many large and small clients since its founding in 1987. Our fees are modest since our consultants are all volunteers and work without charge.

ESCOT can make a difference for your organization:

  • For Clients
    Experienced consultants at affordable cost
  • For Volunteers
    Challenging work and a chance to make a significant impact



“Shortly after my ‘retirement’ … I had a serendipitous meeting with a former business colleague who introduced me to ESCOT.” Click here for Jeff Swain’s article about ESCOT in Capital Commons Quarterly, Publisher - Richard Iannello, Executive Director, Albany Guardian Society, and Editor - Paul M. Bray.



Executive Services Corps of Tri-Cities
391 Western Ave. Albany, NY 12203
Phone: 518 522-7774


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